Vaquero Investment Banking

Vaquero is more than an investment bank.
It’s a way of life that’s always real—and always on.

We’re tech and value focused. Tell us where you want to be tomorrow and we’ll get you there today. By advising technology companies on mergers and acquisitions and capital raising transactions with a real understanding of their goals, we realize better outcomes for founders, PE, VC, and strategic partners across the SaaS, Internet, mobile, and data verticals.

As your trusted advisor, we believe in quality, transparency, and most importantly, in you. In fact, our belief in our clients’ potential means we may offer equity positions in their business by committing capital alongside investors through an affiliate entity.

We power your possible with superior positioning, process management, and transaction execution for capital raising and mergers and acquisitions. Extensive industry knowledge and strong relationships with investors, buyers, and innovative companies in our core vertical sectors always come standard—and with high standards. When you work with us, excellence is a done deal.

Real appreciation for founders.

As a founder-led company, we understand the challenges and opportunities that founders face and are uniquely qualified to help you navigate your growth company lifecycle journey. We get to know who you are and how you think so we can leverage what you can be. Understanding your goals and objectives allow us to tailor a process that maximizes your priorities and minimizes your stress.

Your fellow founder-led advisor, we understand that a deal is more than a one-time transaction; it’s an opportunity for ongoing communication. We know that a deal’s ending isn’t an end—it’s a beginning. A beginning of a new era of growing and thriving for the people, the process, the price, and the business.

We bank on teams through their lifecycle, creating better outcomes for all.

Real proof.

We don’t rest on our accolades, but we do appreciate peer recognition.

2018-2023 Technology Investment Bank of the Year: M&A Atlas Awards

2023 Private Equity Deal of the Year: M&A Atlas Awards

2022 Boutique Investment Bank of the Year: M&A Advisor Awards

2020 and 2022 Investment Bank of the Year (Growth Business): ACQ Global Awards

2023 M&A Investment Bankers Top 50 Americas (David Grove): Global M&A Network

2023 Rising Star Dealmakers Award (Dominic Chan): Global M&A Network

2020 Rising Star Dealmakers Award (Terry Jiang): Global M&A Network