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Institutions ought to be fit for the digital age. They have been faced with the growing demands of digital natives. Public organizations are creating a larger appetite for innovative approaches, and progressive policymakers are encouraging public bodies to be more tech-savvy and data-thirsty, adaptable to change.

Vaquero is out in front of these trends. We do more than transact; we transform. Our extensive experience across the GovTech, Higher Ed, and Non-Profit software space has given us insights into a broad range of ecosystems.

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The Government, Education, and Nonprofit Technology sectors have seen rapid adoption as a result of the paradigm shift in workflows caused by the COVID crisis. The respective end markets of these 'not-for-profit' sectors have served as beacons of stability in tumultuous and volatile market conditions. As a result, investors of all flavors have increasingly focused on these sectors as they search for compelling opportunities to deploy capital while driving growth.

Vaquero was an instrumental partner in helping Student Brands realize liquidity while ensuring that the business was well positioned for long term success...
Thomas Swalla CEO, Student Brands

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