The Vaquero Story

Tender of the herd. That’s what Vaquero means. By always being responsible to his charge and never leaving his post, a Vaquero helps animals stay alive in harsh conditions. As Vaqueros, we have a unique ability to bring companies from the middle of nowhere to the center of the universe. Our steadfast loyalty and reliability allow you to succeed against all odds.

Since our founding in 2012, we have taken our responsibility as Vaqueros seriously. By always caring deeply and executing greatly, we help clients in the technology space exceed expectations and create generational wealth. With a presence in San Francisco and Chicago, we are rangers of the broader market landscape; monetizing and maximizing a founder’s life’s work is our business.

Vaqueros hustle. With over 200 completed transactions and a $10bn+ cumulative sell-side transaction value, we are relentlessly driven and honest strivers who lead the premium growth market. We understand that founders don’t just want to grow; they want to thrive. So a Vaquero stays aligned with their momentum. We understand it’s more than a deal; it’s a life direction.